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National Pipeline Technologies utilizes a non-invasive procedure called Trenchless Pipelining. This procedure can be used to solve most problems related to rusted cast iron pipes by rehabilitating the old pipes and lining those pipes with a resin filled liner that hardens and becomes a pipe within a pipe that lasts 50 years and solves most plumbing issues including sewer back-ups.

Cast Iron Pipe Lining

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Our team at National Pipelining Technologies is available to structurally repair your sewer pipes utilizing a non-invasive technology known as “trenchless pipelining.” Compared to conventional pipe repair or replacement, pipe lining is safer, faster, and has minimal impact on your property. Our capable staff can repair your sewer pipes utilizing a non-invasive technology that is more economical than tunneling under your home or breaking your slab to reach the rusted corroded cast iron pipes. You will be able to stay in your home while we work with almost no interruption. Learn more or schedule your appointment by calling us at:



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