Bad Habits That Cause Drain Clogging

Bad Habits That Cause Drain Clogging

Although clogged drains start as minor issues, they have a way of turning into major problems real fast. A clogged drain causes flooding, corrosion, slow water drainage, leading to expensive repairs.

Since preventing them begins with identifying their causes, here are the bad habits that may clog your drain. A friendly reminder from your trusted plumber: Avoid them at all costs.

Allowing Hair to Collect in Drains

Hair is a major cause of drain blockages because it binds sticky elements, such as grease, to form clogs. When things escalate to full-on clogs, make sure to schedule drain cleaning services ASAP. You may also install guards on drains to catch hair strands as a preventive measure.

Ignoring Plumbing Maintenance

Continuously dripping faucets is a common household problem. It’s often overlooked. However, letting repairs or maintenance fall by the wayside is a no-no. The sooner you hire a plumber to tend to the problem, the better. You can avoid additional repair expenses this way.

Overusing Drain Cleaner

Pouring drain cleaner down the drains can quickly unclog them, but quick fixes aren’t the best solutions. Most drain cleaners have powerful chemicals that can corrode the pipes if used regularly. So, if you have clogged drains, the best solution is to opt for drain snaking services.

Using Toilet as a Trash Bin

Flushing trash down the toilet, such as wipes, hygiene product waste, or cat litter, can strain the pipes. It’s recommended to use a trash can over a toilet even if the product’s packaging says it’s flushable. If you happen to have clogged drains, consider hiring hydro jetting services for the best results.

Abusing the Garbage Disposal

While it’s convenient to shove pretty much everything down the drain, remember that the kitchen sink isn’t a litter can. The sink isn’t designed to handle all types of waste, such as grease, pasta, rice, and other similar elements. However, consider contacting a drain cleaning company if you have clogged kitchen drains.

Bad habits can be hard to eliminate, but the first step entails identifying them and learning how to avoid them. If you need professional drain cleaning in Miami, FL, hire National Pipelining Technologies. We’ll make sure to keep your drains clog-free 24/7-365!

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