Common Sewer Issues

Common Sewer Issues

As a homeowner, you’ll likely come across sewer issues once or twice, at the very least. Now, some of these issues are brought on by constant use and regular wear and tear and are therefore inevitable, while some can be prevented via regular maintenance and inspections by your preferred plumber in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to be aware of what can happen. National Pipelining Technologies list common sewer issues to look out for.

Misaligned Pipes

This can be due to shifts in the soil or shoddy installation. When even just two sections of the entire sewer line are misaligned, it is obvious that things won’t be able to flow properly. The result is a constantly backed-up system in need of frequent sewer repair

Another thing that our plumbing company considers is the slope of the sewer pipes. There is a standard that needs to be followed, otherwise, you’ll end up with sewers that don’t drain efficiently.

Grease Buildup

There are a variety of materials and substances that can accumulate in your sewer pipes. One of the leading culprits behind a clogged sewer is the gradual buildup of grease, oil, and fats that have been flushed down the drains over time. The resulting sludge will restrict the water flow and can lead to an emergency plumbing problem like a sewer backup.

Tree Root Invasion

Tree root infiltrations can really sneak up on you. One moment your sewer pipes are fine, but then the next moment, they’ve burst due to the sheer amount and size of roots that have taken over. Extensive plumbing repairs would definitely be needed. Be sure to schedule regular sewer inspections so that issues like these don’t surprise you in the most unpleasant way.

At National Pipelining Technologies, we make sure to address all of your sewer issues efficiently. Contact us today for an appointment.