How Is Cast Iron Pipe Repair Done?

How Is Cast Iron Pipe Repair Done?

Due to their sturdiness, cast iron pipes are a common sewer line installation, especially for older homes. There are some disadvantages to using cast iron as a pipe material, though, including a tendency to corrode, rust, and eventually crack, allowing the infiltration of water-hungry tree roots. The cast iron pipe repair specialists at National Pipelining Technologies review cost-effective options for restoring old cast iron lines through trenchless repair and how these procedures are done.

What is Trenchless Repair?

While traditional dig-and-replace is available for complete home restorations or badly degraded drain systems, trenchless pipe repair in West Palm Beach, FL is a much less disruptive and more efficient, and often cost-saving alternative that uses tunneling.

How Does Cast Iron Repair Work?

Trenchless repair is done entirely from one or two small access points. It starts with sewer camera inspection that finds any cracks, clogs, or buildup in the line. The next step is cleaning. Because cast iron can rust and collect limescale, a high-pressure power washing method called hydro jetting, which can cut through tough buildups and even tree roots will be the likely cleaning approach.

Pipe Lining

One of the most popular restoration techniques used by National Pipelining Technologies is trenchless pipe lining. CIPP pipe lining or cured-in-place pipe, inverts a resin-impregnated flexible textile liner into the existing line with air pressure. The liner inflates and pushes into any cracks or breaks, effectively covering all defects.

With heat application, the liner cures to create a durable pipe in a pipe that resists corrosion or breaks or tree roots and completely restores and extends the life of a cast iron line for another 50 years. And because it all happens underground, the trenchless sewer repair process leaves landscaping, roads, and buildings undisturbed.

National Pipelining Technologies offers full-service plumbing and trenchless solutions with a special focus on pipe lining. Contact our pipe repair specialists today or fill out our online form to set up an appointment.