Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is Too Risky

Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is Too Risky

The drains in your home play an essential part in keeping the household running without a hitch. With the near-constant use, however, your drains are susceptible to buildups, which prompts the need for regular drain cleaning. You might be tempted to just do your drain cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL yourself. It may seem like a great idea, but do know that DIY drain cleaning comes with certain risks.

Exposing Your Drains to Toxic Chemicals

Most attempts at do-it-yourself drain cleaning involves the use of drain cleaners purchased from the local hardware store. While it may seem like it can deal with a clogged drain pretty well at first, store-bought drain cleaners should be used with caution. Available in different forms, these cleaners use chemicals such as bleach and peroxide. Not only are these hazardous to the human body, but these can also damage your pipes. 

Moreover, chemical cleaners cannot differentiate debris clogging the drains and the materials making the pipe. It’s best to opt for safe, chemical-free, and efficient drain cleaning methods such as hydro jetting.

Aggravating the Damage

In the case where the chemicals don’t unblock the clogs completely, the debris settles in your drains over time, corroding pipes and causing more damages. Homes with older pipe models or PVC pipes are more susceptible to damage when cleaned with chemicals. For the best drain cleaning services, hire the professionals from the National Pipelining Technologies team.

Missing the Main Problem

While you may think using your plunger or running hot water through the pipes is a solution, you may miss the bigger problem. Clogs in your drains can be a whole lot complicated and, at times, be far more serious than any DIY method can address. Let our drain cleaning company do the job for you so we can ensure that no underlying problem is getting overlooked.

The most effective way of eliminating a clog completely is by seeking the services of a certified plumber. This is because they have the proper skills, tools, and knowledge needed for the job.

DIY drain cleaning will ultimately damage your pipes. Contact National Pipelining Technologies and let us address your drain issues for you.