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CIPP lining is a technology-driven sewer line solution. The process is simpler, faster, and cheaper than underground tunneling.This method involves installing an epoxy saturated lining through the prepared drain line. We essentially install a new sewer line inside the existing sewer line, thereby solving the leakage problem but at the same time keeping the cost of the project low since there is no excavation involved, aside from the entry and end points.

a flexible lining is fed into the sewer line all the way up to the main sewer line connection.The inner lining is left to cure, forming a hard, impermeable lining that seals all leaks. This process narrows the interior diameter will reduce a bit. However, this does not affect the flow rate along the line.

Some cast iron pipes are too far gone to replace using this method. In that case, we may have to explore underground tunneling options to repair your busted cast iron pipes.


There are two ways to replace your old rotting Cast Iron Pipes.  You can go top down and cut into the slab of your home or you can tunnel underneath your house and avoid a huge mess. Depending on your situation our company can accommodate both methods.  We usually implement the top down method when you are remodeling your entire house and don’t mind a big mess.  However, if you are trying to avoid dust and dirt inside your home, we can usually get the re-piping job done without disturbing anyone inside your house.

NPU avoids tearing out carpet and breaking tile by using the process of underground tunneling. Tunneling in the plumbing industry allows us to fix your pipe issues with the least amount of hassle because we work underneath your home. At NPU, our tunneling process is done through Hydro Excavation which uses highly pressurized water and a giant vacuum to break up soil and remove it from under your house. Our experienced technicians will hydro excavate under your home and create a series of tunnels underneath the house.  This enables us to remove the cast iron pipes and replace the pipes with new long lasting PVC pipes.

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