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The city of Lantana has a very active city government that is always striving to build new developments for its residents. Some of the older properties in Lantana face a very common problem in South Florida and that entails the rehabilitation of the cast iron pipes that are under many homes built in Lantana before 1975.  With established properties as well as new builds, homes in the area have the potential to face different challenges with sewer pipes. While some homes might deal with deteriorating lines reaching the end of their lifespans, newer properties can still see damaged pipes as Florida’s extreme weather and acidic soil puts additional stress on sewer pipes. It is not uncommon for our company to do a pipelining job on pipes that were installed even after 1975.  Our experts will conduct a thorough investigation of the pipes in your home or condominium and we will then be able to formulate a plan to rehabilitate your sewer pipes.

The Choice of the Local Area

For any type of damage, National Pipelining Technologies is the best choice for sewer repair in Lantana. We use state of the art equipment for inspections, cleaning, and trenchless pipe lining to repair sewer pipes – an approach that is faster, more convenient, and much less destructive to your property than conventional pipe repair that often entails digging up your yard, breaking a slab in your house, tunneling under your house and forcing you to move out of your home for up to two weeks. Pipelining your existing pipes requires nothing from the homeowner and the job is done while you remain in your home.

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Our staff at National Pipelining Technologies. is available to repair your sewer pipes utilizing a non-invasive technology known as “trenchless pipelining.” Pipe lining is safer, faster, and has minimal impact on your property compared to tunneling and conventional pipe repair or replacement. You will be able to stay in your home while we work with almost no interruption. Learn more or schedule your appointment by calling us at:



    Don’t let a pipe issue or any plumbing problem go on for longer. Reach out to National Pipelining Technologies so we can address it right away. Call us or fill out the online form today to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate!

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