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Say goodbye to needing a big re-landscaping project whenever you have to deal with pipe repair. The days of needing everything dug up and all that dirt in your backyard are long gone. While there are times when traditional tunneling is the better option for practical purposes, National Pipelining Technologies specializes in trenchless pipe repair in Miami, FL, the top choice for many of our clients.

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As a trusted local pipe lining company, we make sure our team specializes in the latest pipe and drain lining technology. This includes an approach to trenchless pipe repair that can be described as an internal pipe restoration process. Trenchless pipe lining is done by applying a new coating to the inside of the existing pipe without the need for traditional dig-and-replace methods.


Trenchless repairs are often recommended for any of the following reasons:

  • Multiple inside drains are draining slowly or backing up
  • Your pipes are affected by tree root damage
  • Older cast iron pipes need to be enforced or strengthened due to age-related wear
  • Cracks or hairline fractures are limited primarily to one area
CIPP Pipe Lining


  • It's less labor-intensive
  • There's no need for heavy machinery on your property
  • The work is often finished within a single day
  • Trenchless pipe repair is more affordable than traditional excavation since there's little or no digging
  • The lifespan of the existing pipe can be significantly extended, which adds up to even more potential savings

How CIPP Lining Works & When It’s Recommended

Another type of trenchless sewer repair or pipe repair we prefer is known as cured-in-place piping or CIPP lining. It's done by using a flexible, resin-filled tube to apply a liquid coating to the inside of the damaged or structurally flawed pipe. The work is often done through an existing access point, although it is sometimes necessary to create a few small access points.

Sewer Line Repair

Make the Most of

Minimally Invasive Pipe Repair

Work with National Pipelining Technologies to provide the solutions to your damaged pipe problem right away. Feel free to contact our team by calling us or filling out the online form. Schedule an appointment for trenchless pipe repair today!



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