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Many older homes and small businesses in West Palm Beach have plumbing systems that make use of cast iron pipes for sewage, potable water, or both. While it’s undeniable that cast iron pipes offer strength, durability, safety, and soundproof qualities, they are prone to some problems.

At National Pipelining Technologies, we offer cost-effective cast iron pipe lining in West Palm Beach, FL. Find out more about what we can provide you by getting in touch with our team.

Common Issues

With Cast Iron Pipes

Acids, bases, and waste products chemically interact with cast iron pipes. This results in oxidation. The iron turns to rust, and it eventually starts to flake. The rusted and corroded areas become weak, which makes the pipe prone to cracking. Rust and corrosion cause uneven surfaces within the pipe, and debris may build up in those areas. Debris buildup may in turn result in clogs and sewage backups. Cast iron pipes are heavy, and they may sink in the sandy soil of the local area. Uneven settling of the pipe may eventually cause it to crack.

Signs You Need Pipe Lining

Your cast iron pipes will show specific signs that they're in disrepair. If you notice any of the following signs, your pipes may need relining:

Understanding Cast Iron Pipe Lining

To line cast iron pipes, our crew begins by thoroughly cleaning the pipe. We remove existing minerals, biofilm, and waste buildup. We then launch a puller head attached to a new liner and proceed to inflate the flexible liner and apply hot air, steam, or UV light to cure the resin within the liner. Within a couple of hours, the resin cures, and we restore service to the pipe.

Slip Lining Sewer Pipe

Benefits of CIPP Lining

Our CIPP lining services for commercial and residential property owners restore full functionality to your piping system. Pipe lining for cast iron pipes offers all of these benefits:

  • 50-year lifespan
  • Protection from leaks
  • Prevention of groundwater infiltration
  • Maintenance of good water quality
  • Elimination of sewage backups and standing water
  • Eradication of foul odors
  • Preservation of your home's or building's slab foundation
  • Avoidance of environmental contamination

We understand that you can't wait long for the restoration of water or sewer lines. Being the top pipe lining company in West Palm Beach, FL, we offer a rapid response time and prompt project completion. Our proven techniques save time and money and minimize disruption to your property and daily activities. For more information about cast iron pipe lining or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with us at National Pipelining Technologies today.



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